Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Defence Trade Controls Act

The IEEE Computer Society, SSIT Australia and the University of Melbourne are co-sponsoring an event in Melbourne on 10 April 2015 at 4.15pm-5.45pm. The topic is "The Future of Science & Technology Research under Defence Controls: A Forum on DTCB 2015". So what is all the fuss about?

As Dr Kevin Korb, the organiser and one of the panellists for the events, writes on his blog "Bayesians without Borders":

The [Defence Trade Controls Act] is set to take effect at the beginning of 2015 [now May 2016], criminalizing much of the research into high tech and applied science in Australia, whether conducted in universities or industry.
 For more information on the Act and its likely impact on industry and academic research, you can link to Kevin's blog here (background and impact), here (submission) and here (other links). To hear Kevin's and other perspectives on the likely impact of this legislation, you'll have to go to Alan Gilbert Building, G21 (Theatre 1), University of Melbourne at 4.15 on 10 April.

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